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It is tax time!

We created the checklist below for client business owners to make it as easy and convenient as possible to have their business and personal income taxes completed. Call 336.9870515 if you have questions

Tax Prep Checklist:

  • Collect copies of your 2017 personal and business (if any) tax returns

  • Review your 2017 personal income tax return and collect documents needed to prepare your 2018 personal income tax return (W-2's, 1099's, interest/dividend statements, mortgage interest statements, etc.)

  • Collect copies of business formation documents (application for LLC / INC, federal taxpayer ID number, payroll tax numbers, etc.)

  • Collect financial information for the business (2018 bank statements, financial reports, bank statements, as applicable)

  • Make a list of your questions or issues concerning your tax returns that need to be discussed

  • Call Progresa, Inc. to make an appointment!

With over 15 years’ experience working with small businesses, you can be sure you and your business are in good hands.

Dates to remember:

  • January 31st marks the date when employers must issue income statements to employees and subcontractors.

  • March 15th is the deadline for corporations and limited partnerships tax returns or file a corporate extension.

  • April, 15th is the tax deadline for individual returns and when you should file an extension if you haven’t finished your tax return yet.

  • May 15th is the deadline for non-profit organizations

  • September 15th marks the deadline for corporate extensions and October 15th individual extension and when you must file your tax return.

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